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Samango Monkeys

I look out at the majestic mountain rising above me and think about the beautiful wedding we had at Eden’s Gate in Magoebaskloof, last Saturday. It was like a fairy-tale wedding with the beautiful dams in front of it and the mountains and forests surrounding it.

Magoebaskloof is one of those little-known gems which still has to be discovered by so many people. So many times guests arrive and say that they have never been here before and that they did not know how beautiful it is here. The beauty in Magoebaskloof almost takes your breath away.

There are so many amazing B&B’s in Magoebaskloof. Each one with its own special flavour. One is hard pressed to decide where to stay, not to even mention our wedding venues. It all depends on what you would like. I sometimes feel it’s like being in a chocolate factory – you don’t know what to choose.

Then you get the question, “What is there to do here in Magoebaskloof?” I almost want to laugh because I know that at the end of their stay they are going to complain that the have not had enough time to do everything. There are mountains to climb, rivers to cross and people to meet.

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