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Go Green

Magoebaskloof Getaway Goes Green


We do our best at being green as far as possible because it is the right thing to do!



We separate all material such as bottles, newspapers, white paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic into different bins so that it can be recycled in order that we can reduce our carbon foot print.



We try to educate our staff about the advantage of going green. We have created an incentive program to encourage our staff to participate in and improve upon environmentally-friendly practices.


We have educated our staff to:

  • Turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning in unoccupied rooms or employee-only areas and to Close/open drapes to reduce the need for heating/air conditioning as well as continually checking for and respond to leaking faucets and toilets immediately. We continually check for any power down unused hotel equipment (i.e., kitchen exhaust fans) that have been left running unnecessarily. All of our staff are taught to reduce unnecessary consumption of any item as a principle.


Building Maintenance:

We make sure that our refrigerator coil cleaning, thermostat calibration, water leak checks, and damper adjustments in our ongoing maintenance plan.

We also monitor, record and post rates of energy and water use. Make repairs or replace equipment when usage changes indicate problems.


Food Services:

We are indenting to buy organic as far as possible, locally-grown food and/or plant an organic garden to provide fresh produce for our guests.

We will be donating leftover food to a local nonprofit organization and/or compost. We will provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, ceramic dishes, etc. with all food and beverage services to the poor.



We will be trying as far as possible to create a green purchasing policy for cleaners, sanitizers, paints, pesticides, office supplies, etc. throughout the Eden’s Gate.



We get out water from a spring at the top of the mountain so don’t have to worry about water however we will check to ensure the no one waists water.

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