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What will this year hold for us? 
I am sitting here thinking about all the things that happened and all the guests who came and visited us. We are so fortunate in having so many lovely guests – sometimes I feel as if they are family. I wonder how the rest of their year went and what 2019 holds for them. Each year brings its own challenges and victories. I wonder what this year holds for us all.
I am sitting here looking out of my office over the mountain. It is so green and lush that feel as if my eyes cannot cope with this beauty. The dams are full and, much to my amazement, one of my guests caught two enormous Carp. If I had not seen the photos, I would have thought it was a fisherman’s story!!! They both weighed about 13kgs. I did not realize that we had such enormous fish in our dams. I know there is a lot of fish swimming around in both the dams – but it never struck me that they could be so big.
It’s strange how you take things for granted. I sometimes forget how peaceful it is down here, until one of my guests reminds me. The only noise which some guests find irritating – I on the other hand love it – is when the frogs are mating. Their incessant croaking can become a nuisance – but it is all part of being in the great outdoors.
The trail up the mountain remains a worthwhile challenge. It is so steep, but that is of no importance compared to the beauty in the forest. The waterfalls are in full flow at the moment as we have had a lot of rain. Just hearing them flowing over the rocks is music to the ears. How can anyone not find it beautiful?

Please note that Fishing is only free for people who booked with us.

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